The Blockchain Dev Bootcamp

Learn about Bitcoin, Blockchain and build smart contracts and decentralized applications on the Ethereum or Hyperledger Protocol.

Blockchain Dev on Ethereum – 35 weeks

In this pathway you will get to learn all the fundamentals of Bitcoin, Blockchain, and how it  in different industries. You will also learn how to build normal centralised applications with JavaScript and NodeJS before learning how to build basic blockchain protocols, smart contracts, decentralised blockchain apps on the Ethereum Protocol.

chaptr cbe certificate
chaptr cbe cbca certificate

20-hours per of recorded classes and content

5 hours of guided live classes per week

Weekly practice projects plus final capstone

Peer collaboration on select industry projects

One-on-one office-hours support weekly

Exclusive Discord developer community

Career development modules every 5 weeks

Job interview prep on course graduation

Financing Plans

Our pricing options cater for all income-brackets.

Upfront Payments

Paid every 5 weeks

Ksh 20,000 every 5 weeks
  • Paid per module/every 5 weeks


Paid after graduation

10% 24 months
  • Paid per module/every 5 weeks

Frequently Asked

Chat with us for more queries & support

What does the admissions process entail? How long does it take?
We a three step admission process for all our programs. First, you will be required to complete the application form available through this link. Once your application is complete, you will get an email to schedule a 30-minute interview. In this interview, we will make sure that you have...
Do you offer a job guarantee on graduation?
Nope, we do not offer a job guarantee on graduation however, we help you apply for tech jobs and consistently share your resume and portfolios with our network of employers. You will also work on select company-sourced projects during the cohort and this is usually a window into an...
Are all programs certified? What certification will I get on completion?
All our core and specialisation programs are certified – these are programs longer than 15 weeks. All bootcamp programs are structured around skills needed in the job market and on completion our students are prepared enough to take either a Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services certification exam. Only...
Am I eligible for the income-share program? How can apply for that?
Anyone coming from a family with a net income below Ksh 1,000,000 annually is eligible for our income-share agreement program. However, since there are limited slots in our ISA program, we have an aptitude test and interview process to choose learners for the programs based on merit. The ISA...
Can I take two bootcamps concurrently e.g. Data Science and Blockchain Dev?
No! Our programs are very intensive and this makes it almost impossible to be fully engaged in two bootcamps at the same time. It is also more advisable to learn new technologies one at a time and do more practice projects rather than crowd your mind with too much...

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