Best Data Engineering programs

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By Chaptr Global | 3 | commitment

EDSA is an online coding schools focused on Data Science that offers the most elaborate courses in Data Science and Data Engineering. EDSA is popularly known for its accelerator programs that come with a guaranteed internship for learners.

Ksh k upfront fee

Data Engineering Part-Time Program

By Explore Data Science Academy | 12 months | pto: Part-time Online commitment

Learn Data Science fundamentals and big data engineering with Python and SQL. Inclusive of career coaching and personal development.

Ksh 300k upfront fee

Flexible Fees: Ksh 30k monthly for 12 instalments

Python Data Science Core Program

By Zindua School | 25 weeks | pto: Part-time Online commitment

Learn data analysis, machine learning, and big data engineering with Python. Microsoft Azure certification on completion.

Ksh 100k upfront fee

Flexible Fees: Ksh 25k every 5 weeks for 5 instalments

ISA Financing: Defer up to 47% of your fees into an income-share agreement

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