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Intensive accelerated bootcamps in Data Science, Web Development and Blockchain Development.

Intensive Virtual Cohorts

25 hours weekly – prerecorded content and live workshops

Practice-based Learning

Weekly practice projects and a final industry capstone project.

Career Development

Integrated tech interview and career preparation workshops

Entrepreneurial Support

Tech entrepreneurship modules for aspiring business starters

Explore Programs

We offer 6-month bootcamps as well as 3-to-5-week courses.

chaptr data science

Data Science

Learn data analysis, machine learning, AI and/or data engineering with Python

15-35 weeks

What you will learn:

chaptr web dev

Web Development

Learn full-stack web development with Python and/or JavaScript.

15-35 weeks

What you will learn:

chaptr blockchain dev

Blockchain Dev

Learn blockchain fundamentals and how to build blockchains on Ethereum.

30-40 weeks

What you will learn:

You can now enroll in our 3-5 week courses

Our courses are short-term programs for 3-5 weeks for students who want to fill a particular skill gap rather than follow a full pathway.

chaptr jobs

Financing Plans

Our pricing options cater for all income-brackets.

Upfront Payments

Paid per 5-week course

Ksh 20,000 per course
  • Paid per module/every 5 weeks


Paid after graduation

10% 24 months
  • Paid per module/every 5 weeks

Success Stories

Hear from some of our top bootcamp graduates…

I’m very grateful to Chaptr for this opportunity, I was able to learn various programming languages… Chaptr helped me nurture my skills, I will never regret joining the cohort.
The curriculum was well thought from beginner to mastery, shedding off the weight of learning everything at once… Chaptr also went above and beyond to ensure students had a great bootcamp experience despite COVID disruption.
It was the most amazing tech experience I have had. I believe with the foundation I gained from Chaptr, I have really been sharpened to become a very good data scientist in my future career.

Leverage our network of corporate partners

We work with leading technology companies locally and internationally. 

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